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Domnick Hunter Industrial Nitrogen Generators 工业氮气发生器


Nitrogen is used in a variety of applications across many different markets including food and beverage, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, metal processing, mining, and transporation.  Typical applications for nitrogen include:

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

MAP or gas flushing is an increasingly popular technique used to easily and economically improve product quality and extend shelf life.  Flushing packaged foods with inert high purity nitrogen retards aerobic spoilage and oxidative deterioration by reducing the oxygen level in packaged foods to below 1%.  In addition to reducing oxygen content, but nitrogen can also be used as a filler gas to provide a pressurized atmosphere that prevents package collapse. 

Heat Treatment of Metals
metals and alloys can be heat treated to enhance their strength as well as resistance to wear and corrosion.  These attributes are particularly important for the production of high quality parts.  Several heat treatment techniques utilize nitrogen for blanketing to reduce oxidation and absorb hydrogen.  Nitrogen is used to accelerates the absorption of carbon into the treated metal in the carburizing or carbonitriding process.  For annealing processes, nitrogen provides a suitably inert atmosphere that will help prevent exothermic reactions and dangerously overheated furnaces.  A reduced oxygen atmosphere is required in the cooling stage of the sintering process to prevent oxidation and any dullness of the metal surface.  A nitrogen blanket is used in normalizing to prevent oxidation during slow heating to the normalizing temperature of a particular metal, eliminating the need for secondary oxide removal operations.

Nitrogen uses in the Pharmaceutical industry
High pressure nitrogen gas can be used to assist safe transfer of substances from one vessel to another.  This effective solution speeds up the process without causing any dissolution or build up of substances.  Nitrogen is also used for purging manufacturing and analytical equipment to remove oxygen and water vapor from process lines.  Blanketing with nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere that suppresses airborn contamination such as moisture and bacteria.  Blanketing with nitrogen also protects potentially reactive materials from contact with oxygen.

Electronic Component Assembly
Nitrogen is commonly used to provide a suitable atmosphere for complex fine pitch assembly in electronic printed circuit board, hard disk, and semiconductor manufacture where rework is costly.  A nitrogen environment increases surface tension and weeting forces while decreasing surface damping.  Additional nitrogen applications include:  integrated circuit packaging, lead-free solder, reflow solding, closed-loop relow soldering, wave soldering, selective soldering, dry storage, de-ionized water storage, and Burn-in ovens.


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Domnick Hunter 多明尼克汉德 工业氮气发生器
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